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Phoenix Rising Invitational Information


January 18 ~ 19, 2014

(Martin Luther King Weekend)

Levels 3 ~ Elite

Plus our exciting Synchro Challenge Competition

Meet Location:        Aspire Kids Sports Center

                                    50 S. Hearthstone Way

                                    Chandler, AZ 85226

Entry fee:                  $70.00 Per Athlete (includes all 3 events)

                                    $20.00 Per Synchro Team – Synchro Challenge

                                    Email entry deadline Friday, December 6th, 2013

                                    Payment deadline Friday, December 13th, 2013


Payments to:           Air Sports Unlimited

                                    10202 N. 40th St.

                                    Phoenix, AZ 85028

Awards:                    Custom Designed Medals that every athlete wins!

                                    Synchro Challenge awards, and much, much more…

Equipment:              Euro Tramps & Double Mini Ross Rod Floor

Meet Director:          Scott Larson

                                    Cell:  602.400.6876


Web site:

Synchro Challenge – a unique event that allows Levels 4 ~ Elite athletes the opportunity to perform a Synchronized Trampoline Routine.  The individual teams may be mixed pairs and/or mixed-age groups.  Athletes can even go up or down one level just for this event.  We will have Synchro Challenge Awards; however there will be no age-groups and athletes can only compete in one pair.  All levels will perform the USAG Compulsory routines only.  Come join the fun…

           Presented by: Air Sports Unlimited & Twisters Booster Club

Air Sports’ Athletes Named to National Teams

Katie and Ali were named to the 2013-2014 ODP team for double mini.  Both girls competed in three qualifying meets to earn points.  The highest three scorers in each age group were named to the team.  Katie and Ali, in true synchronized spirit, had an equal number of qualifying points.  The girls will travel to the Olympic Training Center in Texas in December to train with the rest of the ODP team.  Way to go girls!

Not to be outdone, Noah and Michael were named to the USA WAGS delegation and will travel to Bulgaria to compete in the games in November.  Coach Scott was also named as double mini coach for the delegation.  Great job!

State Schedule

Below is the final schedule for the 2013 AZ T&T State Championships. Athletes will attend the session which corresponds with their highest competitive level.

Final Schedule Updated

Session 1 Saturday April 20
13-14 Males and Females All Levels
Open Warm Up 9:00am
March In 9:45am
Competition 10:00am
Awards 12:15pm

Session 2 Saturday April 20
11 Year Old Females & 8 and Under Males and Females All Levels
Open Warm Up 1:00
March In 1:45
Competition 2:00
Awards 4:00

Session 3 Saturday April 20
9-10 Males and Females
Open Warm Up 5:00
March In 5:45
Competition 6:00
Awards 8:00

Session 4 Sunday April 21
12 Year Old Females and 11-12 Males All Levels
Open Warm Up 9:00am
March In 9:45
Competition 10:00
Awards 12:00pm

Session 5 Sunday April 21
15+ Males and Females and All Elites
Open Warm Up 1:00pm
March In 2:00
Competition 2:15

Awards 4:45


Final Schedule for Classic Rock


Friday, February 15, 2013
5:00 pm-7:00 pm
7:30 pm-9:30 pm

Session One: Saturday, February 16, 2013
Level 4 – Level 9 13-14 yr olds
Open Warm-up: 9:00 AM
March In: 10:00 AM
Awards: 12:15 PM

Session Two: Saturday, February 16, 2013
Level 4 – Level 9 15 and over
Open Warm-up: 1:00 PM
March In: 2:00 PM
Awards: 4:15PM

Session Three: Saturday, February 16, 2013

Level 10 and Elite
March In: 5:20 PM
Open Warm Up: 6:00PM
Awards: 8:45PM

Session Four: Sunday February 17, 2013

11-12 year olds
Open Warm-up: 9:00 AM
March In: 9:45 AM
Awards: 12:00 PM

Session Five: Sunday February 17, 2013
10 and under
Open Warm-up: 12:30 PM
March In: 1:15 PM
Awards: 4:30 PM

Note: All Level 10 and Elite athletes competing in a lower level on other events will report to the corresponding session times for that event.